DRU 78 11kW

DRU multi-fuel stoves can burn wooden logs, coal, coke, brown coal or anthracite. They are built using the strongest Norwegian cast iron and are designed to withstand Scandinavian-style winters, when the stove burns all day, every day

Safe for people and the environment

DRU stoves meet the most stringent European quality and safety standards. They also have an efficiency rating of over 75%, with most fumes being burnt thanks to the stoves' unique airflow system

Elegant and smart

DRU stoves are made in the traditional style, with a large glass window that gives excellent views of the fire. This is enhanced by an 'air curtain' that helps to keep the glass clean. The chimney can be connected to the top or back of the stove, whilst a heat shield at the rear protects the wall from discolouration

Unique burning process

DRU stoves have a unique triple burning system

  1. Primary air is pulled in from beneath the fire plate to start the combustion process
  2. Secondary air from the back is fed through lower chambers to the front. Part of this is used to air-wash the glass
  3. Tertiary air is injected through small holes at the back of the chamber. This, in combination with the secondary air, ensures complete pulverisation of the fuel and the burning of fumes for maximum efficiency


  • Height 750mm
  • Width 650mm
  • Depth 565mm
  • Efficiency 75%
  • Flue Width 150mm
  • Heat Output Room 11kw