Standard Fireback

All of our firebacks are available in both different sizes and different temperature ratings.


50-50 Fireback

The 50/50 firebacks are also identical to the standard firebacks except the actual fireback is manufactured in two sections. When replacing firebacks, these are very easy to install and they also suit heat expansion a lot better than the standard fireback as the main heat in any fire is always in the lower area. It is vital when these are fitted that the two sections are not joined.
These 50/50 Firebacks are available in
16" Medium or High
18" Medium or High
20" High

Fuel Savers

Coal Saver sides and backs are made from refractory fireclay. They are designed to reduce the amount of coal/fuel which is used in the fire. These Coal Savers have been fired to over 1050°C and will withstand any domestic fire and not disintegrate. They are ideal if you don't need a large fire and they can be used continuously or on a temporary basis as they are just freestanding on the fire-grate.

Rollback Fireback

The Rollback is an old design with deep grooves on the back and sides of the fire area. The reason for thses grooves is to delay the flames as they go up the chimney. Also, due to it's bulk and density it radiates greater heat therefore contributing to the efficiency of the fire.
These Rollback Firebacks are available in 16" or 18"