Inis Oirr 26kW Boiler

The InisMeain Mark 2 is an upper mid sized boiler stove and it is designed for heating 12-16 radiators and domestic hot water. This stove is an excellent cost effective method of delivering sustainable, dependable heat all year round and when fuelled with wood can deliver low carbon heating.

The Inis Meain MK 2 has a unique boiler and firebox arrangement that greatly improves both the stove efficiency and its ease of use. Fuel is burned in a very high temperature firebox that liberates a large percentage of the possible energy within the fuel before passing the gases from combustion through a very efficient heat exchanger that quickly heats the water within the boiler. This system is much cleaner and more efficient than all other typical boiler designs which drastically reduce combustion efficiencies by robbing the fire of heat too early in the combustion process.

Like all Inis Stoves models, all the combustion air, primary, secondary, tertiary and air wash is guided through long passageways within the stove. This air gains heat along the way and greatly increases combustion efficiency and temperatures within the firebox.

It has a very large firebox capacity to facilitate longer burn times and can take wood logs of over 580mm in length. The multi-fuel grate is composed of individual riddler bars that can be used in two different positions to facilitate proper combustion of wood, peat and solid fuels. The InisMeain MK 2 has a nominal boiler output of over 12.5kw and if needed easily delivers up to 17.5kw to the boiler by increasing the burn rate. The InisMeain MK 2 will easily heat 16 standard radiators along with your domestic hot water and can also be used to heat under-floor heating. The stove is external air ready with the use of a bolt on manifold and our cool touch handles, made of Walnut, allow for safe and easy use.


  • Output: To water 12.5 Kw nominal, 17Kw max
  • Output: To room 7.5 Kw nominal, 9 Kw max
  • Comfortably heats 16 standard radiators along with Domestic hot water
  • Heavy duty cast iron baffle plates provide excellent elevated firebox temperatures.
  • “Easy start” damper for quick lighting of the fire.
  • Multi-fuel grate designed to burn wood, peat and smokeless coal as they should burn.
  • Extra strong grate for long life under the harshest of operating conditions.
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary air perfectly managed through one control.
  • Exceptionally effective pre-heated air wash system provides crystal clear viewing glass.
  • Unique convection air system within the stove to aid efficiency.
  • Manufactured to stringent ISO 9001-2000 standards.
  • 5 Year warranty.
  • External air ready.
  • Overnight burning capable.
  • Choice of 6 colours.

Convection Air System “More Heat Less Fuel”
All Inis stoves include a convection system, cool air from within the room is drawn into the convection chamber, the air is heated as it rises within the stove which then flows out into the room. The hot air rising draws in more cool air setting up a continuous flow maintaining added heating efficiency.