Great care and attention has been put into the development of each and every stove produced, across all ranges and models. We believe in continuous improvement, which is why you will find that Inis Stoves offer a range of features that surpasses those of other manufacturers.

All Inis Stoves are designed, built and assembled in Ireland to the very highest quality standards. We are a wholly owned Irish company, creating domestic jobs that promote the local and national economy.

Inis Airc 6kW

Inis Airc 6kW Roomheater

Inis Bofin Insert 7kW Roomheater

Inis Oirr 9kW Roomheater

Inis Meáin 12kW Roomheater

Inis Oirr 18kW Boiler

Inis Meáin 26kW Boiler

Inis Mor 33kW Boiler